How Can I Get Sound Clips into Musaico?

You can get sound clips into Musaico in two possible ways:

    1. Importing sound clips from iPod Library

    1. Recording sound clips directly from the iPad

What features are added in Musaico V1.1?

Released on 1/21/2012

Features added in Musaico V1.1:
– Loading MP3’s from iPod Library enabled
– Touch behavior of timeline is more streamlined
– Timeline scrolls with play
– Performance improvement and bug fixes
– Alerts added to prevent accidental deletion of clips, group of clips, and projects

Released on 12/21/2011

Features included in Musaico V1.0:
– Real time, instant touch-and-play control interface. Record, play, import, and edit sound material without interrupting the audio stream
– Automatic beat alignment – sound material plays in time together
– Automatic or manual play speed adjustment
– Import from iPod library (supports non-DRM .m4a, .aac, .caf, and .wav)
– Precisely edit sound material with dynamic, real time waveform views – pinch to zoom and swipe to scroll
– Group sound material to play in time together
– Multiple timeline arrangement views with mute and solo, track volume, and metronome controls
– Export themes from timeline into loop-based clips